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At Lemont Natural Healthcare, we take time to listen to our patients.

The initial history is an important part of the evaluation process as are your ongoing consultations. We take the time to understand your health issues and concerns. Most of our patients positively comment on how much time we spend with them. Our comprehensive forms and detailed consultations are necessary for the diagnosis and management of your condition.

We evaluate and manage the many different systems of the body and how they interact together. This is an important part of holistic therapy. You can’t just look a condition without also considering the interactions of all the interactive systems of the body. We consider your immune system, neurologic system, digestive system, endocrine system as well as diet and nutrition.

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At Lemont Natural Healthcare we evaluate and balance your digestive system.

Did you know, eighty percent of your immune system involves your gut? There are multiple immune factors involving the gut. Your small intestine has a thin microscopic layer that selectively allows nutrients into the bloodstream and keeps the toxins out. When this barrier is broken down, toxins leak into your bloodstream, which stresses your immune system. This is called intestinal hyper-permeability or Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS). LGS is the precursor to autoimmune conditions. There are numerous medical research studies that state LGS leads to autoimmune diseases. These studies can be found on PubMed.com (published medical articles via the US government. LGS must be diagnosed and managed to achieve maximum results. Also, any infection in the gut can weaken your immune system. Optimal levels of good bacteria, in the gut, probiotics, are essential for gut immunity and the digestion of food. The gut Secretory IgA cells are your gut immune cells. Proper testing, diagnosis and management of these gut immune factors is essential in the management of digestive symptoms and the management of autoimmune conditions.

Our base diet starts with an anti-inflammatory diet, which is customized based on your individual lab test results. We create an individualized diet based on generalized healthy foods, foods that should be eaten or avoided based on your health concerns and specific foods that may be causing you an immune reaction based on lab tests.

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At Lemont Natural Healthcare we are diligent about finding the cause of your condition.

Once we know the cause, based on your lab tests, we will know exactly how to manage your condition to provide maximum relief of your symptoms. Holistic therapy involves finding the underlying cause of health problems, as well as evaluating and managing the different systems of the body and how they interact by using natural therapies that work with your body.

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Autoimmune disorders are on the rise.

We’re on top of it.

No one can cure an autoimmune disorder but we can manage it once we find the underlying causes. Medications used to treat autoimmune disorders actually shut down your immune system. These medications are called immunosuppressants. Examples include Enbrel and Humira. At first you may feel better but eventually you can get very sick because your immune system is suppressed. It is imperative to manage your immune system, not just shut it down. If your immune system is not managed properly, it can attack other tissues thus causing other autoimmune disorders.

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